Recent Shows
November 2014 Olivia Gatti presents The Motherlode: The Everyday Life of a Mother Photographer Captured Truthfully and Beautifully

Artist's Statement:
Photography came long before children. It was my career and my passion. As a photojournalist, I worked feverishly and obsessively to cover news all over Boston and beyond. Almost a decade in, when the yearning to be a mother became stronger than my career, I gave it all up to start my family. I was positive that I was done, burned out by the grind and the sadness, the awful hours and the loneliness I found in journalism.

When we had our second baby, something began to change. I couldn’t be a mother and not also be a photographer. The endless days, the constant care, the crowded silences were starting to wear me out. It was, in some very basic ways, just like my news career. I had to pick up a camera again, if only to help me survive this new role as mom. If I had a moment, just one small moment a day, where I took some creative control, told the story of their life and mine, then maybe I would be able to make it through. Maybe I would survive motherhood.

In this collection of images, I have paired moments in my mothering experience that relate to each other in mood and moment. As a firm believer in letting my children be free to explore and learn their world actively, these photos balance their outside life with my inner struggles to be completely present and connected to our everyday life. The grind goes on, and the challenge is to capture it truthfully and beautifully.

Olivia Gatti hails from the shores of Long Island, New York, a storyteller since childhood. Her life and love have taken her to the mountains of Burlington, Vermont, the peach tree streets of Atlanta, Georgia, to finally settling into the world of academics and work in Boston, Massachusetts. A news photographer and photo editor for nearly seven years, Olivia has a Master’s Degree in Photojournalism from Boston University, and several national and local awards for her photography work, including the staff award Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Coverage in 2003 at The Eagle Tribune. Past and present clients and positions include The Associated Press, The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Sports Illustrated, The Lynn Item, The Improper Bostonian, Historic New England, The Nourished Home, and Gravity Arts. Olivia current runs a highly successful family lifestyle and portrait business on the north shore of Massachusetts called Click Click Love. In addition to photography, Olivia is also a children’s librarian, a former roller derby queen, mother to three little girls and a rescued pitbull, and wife to one heck of an awesome guy, Mr. Mike Gatti. Named one of the top children’s photographer in the country by Daily Candy and regularly featured on top family and lifestyle photography blogs, you can follow Olivia’s most current work on her website, facebook and instgram feeds under Click Click Love.

October 2014 Joy Snyder and Kathryn Gilbert present Travels in Abstract

Snyder: Travel is always pure and full of wonder when you are anyplace but home. Hundreds of pictures are taken and filed away. As times passes the trips become more vague and blurred. Remembering details is flighty. But always the color comes back.

Gilbert: In creating my paintings I am striving to trust my artistic point of view and form of expression. I often change the style or technique in response to the cultural environment I experience in my travels. These current works reflect my visual expressions of the beauty I found there.

August 2014 Cristina Paulos presents the Rhythm, Line, and Stroke (Female)

In this exhibition, Paulos presents a series of artworks on paper, cardboard, and canvas. She incorporates a variety of materials and techniques, including ink, paint, fabric dye, watercolor, handmade paper, canvas, wood, and mixed media. Using life models and human subjects for this entire series, Paulos continues her creative philosophy of capturing and revealing human flaws, discomforts, and vulnerabilities. Rhythm, Line, and Stroke explores these personal identities, to capture that which is truly and completely naked and apart from our bodies. Here, Paulos favors drawing materials like ink, fabric dyes, and paint. On handmade papers, canvas, and newsprint, they are especially expressive yet still somewhat uncontrollable. With this combination, she creates work that shows the organic foundations of humanness.

The male component of this work showed concurrently at the Winchester Cultural Center Gallery.

July 2014: Yasmina Chavez presents Floss & Gravity

In this, her third solo exhibit, artist Yasmina Chavez explores the idea of senselessness and acceptance. The work was inspired by Patricia Oakley, a once San Jose, California resident and the first person to jump off the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge. On April 9, 2012 this 60-year-old woman decided to die at the mercy of gravity.

This exhibit is about a middle where everything is grey, time works in circles, and answers are nonexistent. As Chavez explains, “The exhibit is not about suicide, but about a world that exists between the things humans control and the things that control us—things such as floss and gravity. Life is at the mercy of a mental and physical chaos in this in-between world. The outcomes that derive from this place of senselessness leave us with the only option of acceptance.”

Floss & Gravity is part ceramic and part video exhibit. Through a risky experimental reverse casting process, once treasured stuffed animals were dipped in slip clay then burned away in a gas kiln firing, leaving only the shells of what used to be. The pieces are suspended in air by dental floss and gravity, a metaphor for visible human control and invisible natural laws.

The sculptures are accompanied by a series of videos called the “Grandma Suicide Vignettes.” Appropriated sound was matched to footage filmed over a span of two years, forging a collision that creates connections where ones didn’t exist. The videos explore the idea of acceptance through a minimalistic approach in sight, sound, and time.

Yasmina Chavez is a long time Nevada resident. She was raised in Elko, NV and has lived and worked in Las Vegas since 2004. She graduated from UNLV in 2011 with her BFA in photography. In the fall of that same year, along with three other local artists, she co-founded 5th Wall – a contemporary art gallery focused on encouraging artists to work conceptually with the idea of space and visitor interaction. Since graduating, Chavez has had two solo exhibits and has collaborated with friend and fellow artist Javier Sanchez on two large scale installations. She has also participated in group shows throughout Las Vegas, including the 2012 and 2014 London Biennale, the 2012 short film festival Spring Flicks, and 2010’s Off The Strip new genres festival. This fall Chavez will be pursuing her MFA at New York State’s Alfred University, ranked #11 in the nation for their Fine Art graduate program and #1 for their ceramics school. She is ecstatic to take her art practice to the next level with the opportunity for concentrated research and exploration of new artistic territory, in New York.

May 2014: Yasmina Chavez and Javier Sanchez present Derivative Presence: A dual-location examination of what "presence" means in this day and age.

Derivative Presence is an exhibit about what “presence” means in this day and age. We no longer only exist in an interpersonal physical form or “face-to-face.” Through social media a post means “here.” This project explores what it is to be present now, which pertains to the unawareness of our pervasive presence forever accessible in a digital condition.

Derivative Presence will run in two locations for the duration of the exhibit. Randomly searched and found youtube videos of people communicating directly to their audience will be exhibited inside TastySpace Gallery (May 23 - June 21) as an invasive spatial installation. The original sound corresponding to those videos will fill the Xeric Garden environment at the Marjorie Barrick Museum (May 5 - June 21) creating an isolating sound experience.

April 2014: Just Make Me Pretty: A Collaborative Examination and Deconstruction of the Ideals of Beauty presented by 3 Baaad Sheep (Alex Huerta, Alexander "Sky" Carranza, and Eddie "Cicifu" Canumay

March 2014: Schematameme: Works from Christopher A Jones

The show is a study in sign processes, signification and communication. Intending to increase the dynamic between audience and author, with hope there is an objectification of emotions and a duality of interpretations experienced. The art itself is an investigation into the thought and behavior of our minds; preconceived ideas that can be depicted and realized in art.

Christopher A. Jones is an artist living and working in Las Vegas. He works in a variety of media, with a prejudice to ink on newsprint. By examining the ambiguity and origination via retakes and variations, he approachs a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way. His artwork directly responds to the surrounding environment and uses everyday items that are either thrown away or created for immediacy as a starting point. Often these are framed instances which would go unnoticed in their original context.

February 2014: African-American Talent Showcase

December 2013: "Let Me Re-Introduce Myself": The Abstract Graffiti Work of Tanya Michelle

November 2013: "Neon and Nonsense": Contemporary Realism and Absurdist Illustration of Jelaine Faunce

October 2013: "Blokt Out: Las Vegas artist MIKEL PATRIK continues to explore his PIXEL Blok 3D series using Las Vegas photographer Stephen Campbell's stunning natural and architectural photography as subjects. On view through early November.

September 2013: "Alternative Transportation:" Inspired by the rebirth of cycling and downtown Las Vegas’ steady move toward a more pedestrian-accessible, resident-friendly demeanor, artists were asked to stretch their imaginations in the world of transportation. Beyond that, there were really no rules. The show features the work of twelve artists. Ten local, one from Austin, and one from Minneapolis. Their backgrounds run the gamut, from animators, architects, art directors, art instructors, fabricators, full-time painters, gallery owners, illustrators, jacks-of-all-trades, mural artists, and university faculty. Thank you coming to see their work. We hope you enjoy the show.

June 2013: "You Don't Know Me": Group show featuring the work of nine Las Vegas-based artists.

May 2013: "Renewal": Paintings of Paris Buchanan

April 2013: "Hringrás": 14 Visual Interpretations by 15 Icelandic Designers and Illustrators

The Icelandic word “Hringrás” translates to “Cycle” in english. Here, 15 designers and illustrators offer their 16.5” x 16.5” interpretation of the theme.

This body of work was recently featured in Reykjavik, Iceland during the month of March for DesignMarch, a prestigious design show.

Summary: Circle of life. Repeating of history, of the mistakes. Again and again. We forget what we learn. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Recycling. Time. One man’s death is another man’s bread. Waste/Materials. Rebirth. Life and death. The food chain. The hydrologic cycle. Biosphere, atmosphere, hemisphere. Chemical compounds. Meaning of life. Purpose.

Participants in Hringrás:
Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason, Bobby Breiðholt, Signý Kolbeinsdóttir, Elli Egilsson, Siggi Odds, Hrefna Sigurðardóttir, Dóri Andrésson, Kristjana S Williams, Hrafn Gunnars, Sig Vicious, Jónas Valtýsson and Erla María Árnadóttir, Alli Metall, Ragnar Freyr and Halldór Andri Bjarnason.

March 2013: "Thelonius and Me": Abstract Painting and Collage Work of Eric Comstock

February 2013: "The Space Between You and Me": Work by Dat Nguyen and Bill Dambrova

January 2013: "The Life Frenetic": Abstracts and figurative work of Susanne Forestieri

December 2012: "About Face": Portraits by Niki J. Sands

November 2012: "Humans Being": The Work of Paula Livingston

October 2012: "Gather: An eclectic body of work representing, celebrating, and benefitting (WIMA) women in music and arts"

September 2012: "SRSLY...WTF!: NU TXT-BSD WRK BY JOW"

August 2012: Jelaine Faunce "Fractured Neon"

July 2012: Erica Hauser "Road Trip"

May 2012: Jelaine Faunce "The Inevitable Mouth Watering: Small Treats, Big Treats, and Neon Streets"

April 2012: "World to Come: Futureglyphics, Dollar Store Animals, and Untitled Collages from Doug Pedersen."

Doug's work was recently featured in the 2012 Communication Arts Typography Annual 2. His work graces the cover.

February + March 2012: Seven Styles from Seven Cities
Inaugural show featuring the work of several talented painters, designers, illustrators, photographers, silkscreen artists, and more.

Official opening February First Friday (February 2nd). 6:00 pm on. The more, the merrier.