Gallery of the gallery
A brief photo history of shows, artists, tourists, and the collectors, friends, and fans coming to see them.

Reception for Cristina Paulos'"Rhythm, Line, and Stroke" August 2014.

Reception and farewell for artist Yasmina Chavez. Great turnout. Thanks, everyone, for your continued support of the conceptual, visual, and performing arts.

Opening night reception for 3 Baaad Sheep "Just Make Me Pretty," April 2103. Thanks for coming out.

Opening night reception for Christopher A. Jones "Schematameme," March, 2013

Maybe the best turnout yet at our recent February African-American Talent Showcase opening, February 15th, 2014. This show features photography, paintings, illustrations, and mixed media work from a dozen gifted and talented Las Vegas-based artists. They are Austin Calix, Brent Holmes, Ashanti McGee, Daria Riley, Wendy Rountree, Dana Satterwhite, Lance Smith, Michael Star, Wesley Vonn, Tanya Watler, Joseph Watson, Lucky Wenzel

Solid turnout for Tanya Michelle's "Let Me Re-Introduce Myself," December 2013.

Great turnout at our reception for MIKEL PATRIK and Stephen Campell's collaborative show "Blokt Out," October 2013.

Great turnout at our May 2013 reception for "You Don't Know Me" group show, featuring Matthew Couper, Jelaine Faunce, Alisha Kerlin, Kelly Mabel, Peter Mengert, Spencer Olsen, Fernando Reyes, Gina Quaranto, and Joseph Watson

Eric Comstock: "Thelonius and Me" (March 2013)

Bill Dambrova and Dat Ngyuen: "The Space Between You and Me" (February 2013)

Vegas Vernacular "Lab": "This Is Not Galaxy Foam"

Susanne Forestieri "The Life Frenetic" (January 2013)

Niki J. Sands "About Face" (December 2012)

Paula Livingston "Humans Being" (November 2012)

Jelaine Faunce "Fractured Neon"

Jow "SRSLY...WTF?"

Jelaine Faunce "Small Treats, Big Treats, and Neon Streets"

WIMA "Gather" (October 2012)

Erica Hauser "Road Trip"