Current Show
August 2014 Cristina Paulos presents the Rhythm, Line, and Stroke (Female)

In this exhibition, Paulos presents a series of artworks on paper, cardboard, and canvas. She incorporates a variety of materials and techniques, including ink, paint, fabric dye, watercolor, handmade paper, canvas, wood, and mixed media. Using life models and human subjects for this entire series, Paulos continues her creative philosophy of capturing and revealing human flaws, discomforts, and vulnerabilities. Rhythm, Line, and Stroke explores these personal identities, to capture that which is truly and completely naked and apart from our bodies. Here, Paulos favors drawing materials like ink, fabric dyes, and paint. On handmade papers, canvas, and newsprint, they are especially expressive yet still somewhat uncontrollable. With this combination, she creates work that shows the organic foundations of humanness.

The male component of this work is showing concurrently at Winchester Cultural Gallery through October 10th.