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November 2014 Olivia Gatti presents The Motherlode: The Everyday Life of a Mother Photographer Captured Truthfully and Beautifully

Artist's Statement:
Photography came long before children. It was my career and my passion. As a photojournalist, I worked feverishly and obsessively to cover news all over Boston and beyond. Almost a decade in, when the yearning to be a mother became stronger than my career, I gave it all up to start my family. I was positive that I was done, burned out by the grind and the sadness, the awful hours and the loneliness I found in journalism.

When we had our second baby, something began to change. I couldn’t be a mother and not also be a photographer. The endless days, the constant care, the crowded silences were starting to wear me out. It was, in some very basic ways, just like my news career. I had to pick up a camera again, if only to help me survive this new role as mom. If I had a moment, just one small moment a day, where I took some creative control, told the story of their life and mine, then maybe I would be able to make it through. Maybe I would survive motherhood.

In this collection of images, I have paired moments in my mothering experience that relate to each other in mood and moment. As a firm believer in letting my children be free to explore and learn their world actively, these photos balance their outside life with my inner struggles to be completely present and connected to our everyday life. The grind goes on, and the challenge is to capture it truthfully and beautifully.

Olivia Gatti hails from the shores of Long Island, New York, a storyteller since childhood. Her life and love have taken her to the mountains of Burlington, Vermont, the peach tree streets of Atlanta, Georgia, to finally settling into the world of academics and work in Boston, Massachusetts. A news photographer and photo editor for nearly seven years, Olivia has a Master’s Degree in Photojournalism from Boston University, and several national and local awards for her photography work, including the staff award Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Coverage in 2003 at The Eagle Tribune. Past and present clients and positions include The Associated Press, The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Sports Illustrated, The Lynn Item, The Improper Bostonian, Historic New England, The Nourished Home, and Gravity Arts. Olivia current runs a highly successful family lifestyle and portrait business on the north shore of Massachusetts called Click Click Love. In addition to photography, Olivia is also a children’s librarian, a former roller derby queen, mother to three little girls and a rescued pitbull, and wife to one heck of an awesome guy, Mr. Mike Gatti. Named one of the top children’s photographer in the country by Daily Candy and regularly featured on top family and lifestyle photography blogs, you can follow Olivia’s most current work on her website, facebook and instgram feeds under Click Click Love.